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Meet Our Judges



Ted Eubank - Pinecrest  Conformation

Our first Cavalier, Chelsie, got us hooked on the breed 22 years ago.  From that time, Cavaliers have greatly influenced our lives.  My wife, Mary Grace, and I are dedicated to this breed and every day we are involved with our dogs and various club activities.
I have served four years as President of Cavaliers of the Midwest and two terms as President of the CKCSC, USA. I am currently President of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of North Texas.

Since 1993, we have made up 42 CKCSC, USA champions (33 home-bred) and over 90 AKC champions.

Dogs we have owned or co-owned have won the breed at Westminster Kennel Club three times, the ACKCSC National Specialty once and the CKCSC, USA National Specialty four times

 I love to show our dogs and have generally handled them in the ring myself. Mary Grace and I both have been licensed to judge the breed by CKCSC, USA and I hold an AKC judge’s certificate for Cavaliers and Chinese Cresteds.



Elaine Lessig - Roi L  Conformation


Who would have thought that when I acquired my first Cavalier in 1987, my whole life would change?  Since then, I have become an active participant in the exciting sport of purebred dogs.


As a Cavalier breeder, I have produced AKC champions in all four colors and both sexes. Additionally, I have put obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and CKCSC, USA titles on my dogs. Among the most thrilling are two different toy group winners, two different Best In Show Specialty winners, a Best of Opposite Sex winner at our National Specialty, a Best of Opposite Sex  winner at Westminster Kennel Club, a Best of opposite Sex and Best Bred by Exhibitor at the Eukanuba National Invitational Championship---all on bitches I bred and own.


I have been eligible to judge Cavaliers at championship level since 1996 and in 1999, I became the first Cavalier breeder to attain AKC judging status strictly from the breed. Judging at AKC, CKCSC,USA, English, Irish, Swedish, Chinese, and Canadian shows has been a rewarding experience. I have had the privilege of judging National Specialties for both  the ACKCSC and the CKCSC, USA.  At present I am eligible to judge Best In Show, the toy group, non-sporting group, several sporting breeds, and Standard Manchester Terriers.


In addition, I am an active member in three all-breed clubs, one group club, two national parent clubs, two regional breed clubs, and two judges’ education groups. I have been show chairman for Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club and National Show Chairman for the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. At present, I serve as president of the Meadowlands Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club. President and show chairman for Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club.


Most importantly, I am so fortunate to have my husband of 45 years, Dr. Marvin Lessig, and the Roi L Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to give so much pleasure and definition to my life.


Roi L Cavaliers

Elaine J. Lessig

50 Grayrock Road

Clinton, NJ 08809

908 713-6205



Rachel Venier -Orchard Hill          Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes


I was born into the dog world.  My mother, Erica Venier, showed Shelties through my childhood, while I campaigned show hunters and rode with dressage and eventing trainers.  Growing up with herding dogs and studying with these horsemen established my basis for evaluating structure and function.  Cavaliers entered our lives in 1996.  My mother and I breed and show Cavaliers under the Orchard Hill affix.  We have finished over 70 Cavalier AKC Champions, including all-breed Best in Show, Toy Group, and specialty winners.  Our dogs have won the ACKCS National Specialty three times, retiring the perpetual trophy in 2011.  As breeders, we consider it our responsibility to preserve the Cavalier’s health, type, and overall welfare.  To this end, we honor our breed’s producers and especially enjoy studying the puppy classes--our breed’s future.